Vent Ops: Taking The Higher Ground

In some areas, roof top operations and ventilation have come under attack being called unnecessary and inherently dangerous.

But having seen the effectiveness of rooftop ventilation as a tactic in the offensive strategy, we know that having a strong grasp of the available intel and the effects of the individual tactics, that we can effectively and safely employ vertical ventilation as an important piece of our overall incident plan.

In this program we’ll look at our battle field and the enemy and evaluate ways we can utilize their strengths, weakness, and predictability to our advantage.

We’ll use that intel to develop a flexible battle plan that allows us to occupy the high ground in order to overcome the enemy’s natural progression, allowing for civilian viability and for our other companies to make their push to annihilate the enemy.

Join this group firemen, who routinely occupy the high ground, for a discussion, and or HOT program, on this tactic, that will be fast paced, enlightening likely entertaining as well. 

Brocious 1.jpg

Rick Brocius

Richard Brocius is Career Fire Captain for the York Area United Fire Rescue (PA), currently assigned to the Manchester Twp Station 895-C shift.  Captain Brocius is also a PA State Fire Instructor with 19 years in the fire service, both Career and Volunteer.  Captain Brocius holds multiple certifications in Fire Officership, Rescue Technician, and EMS. Captain Brocius delivers several programs as an Instructor for the Harrisburg Area Community College-Shumaker Public Safety Center in Harrisburg PA. Captain Brocius also serves as an Instructor for the Career Fire Academy staff, also at HACC.  Captain Brocius specializes in "back to basics" live fire attack programs.  Such programs include Fire Attack at Attic Fires, Fire Attack at Basement Fires, and Single Family/Multy family Dwelling fires.  

Arthur Ashley.jpg

Arthur Ashley

Arthur has been a firefighter since 1986. He has been with the City of Lexington, Kentucky for over 24 years, assigned to both engine and ladder companies.  Arthur is a Captain assigned to Ladder Company 1 in downtown Lexington, the 34th busiest firehouse in the U.S.  He is an FDIC HOT instructor as well as a classroom presenter.  Capt. Ashley is a Kentucky Level II Instructor and is a Kentucky State Fire School instructor, an instructor with Lexington Fire Training Academy.  He travels throughout the state of Kentucky and around the country teaching hands on training sessions and speaking on leadership and crew management.  Captain Ashley is a co-creator and administrator of Truckie Talk, a social media based training page focused  on passing along training tips and highlighting the rich tradition of the fire service. He is an instructor for Truckie-Talk Training and Task Force 1, Inc. 


Josh Webb

Josh Webb has been in the fire service since 1994, serving the last 20 years as a professional firefighter with the Louisville Fire Department. He lives in Louisville, KY with his wife and five kids. He has earned certifications as a Paramedic, SCUBA Rescue Diver, FEMA Search Specialist with a local MSAR Team, and is an instructor teaching at local and regional fire schools. Josh believes taking risks are an inherent and welcome part of the fire service. He uses this belief to drive himself, and others, to become better prepared to meet challenges and emerge successful. 

Brian Bastinelli.jpg

Brian Bastinelli

Brian has been involved in emergency services for the last 29 years and has experience as both a volunteer and a career firefighter and fire officer.

He’s been with the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire for 22 where spent 8 years assigned to an engine company and 8 years on a truck company before his promotion to Lieutenant spending the next 4 years at Squad 8.

Currently Brian is a Captain at Ladder 2 in the Uptown district of the city on the A Battalion.

Brian is a Pennsylvania State Fire Instructor and publishes a new fire service lifestyle periodical,  Firemanship – A Journal For Fireman. 

Ron Smith.jpg

Ron Smith

Ron Smith is a 27 year veteran of the fire service, having served the last 19 years with the Gary, IN Fire Department.

Ron has worked for volunteer, combination and career departments and is an instructor for the Indiana Firefighter Training System and instructs at schools and conferences around the U.S., including Firehouse Expo and the FDIC in Indianapolis.



Chris Tobin

Chris Tobin
St. Louis Fire Department
Rescue Squad 2 


Will Skinner.jpg

Will Skinner

Will has 29 year’s experience in the fire service with both career and volunteer departments.

He's been with the Harrisburg bureau of fire for the last 18 years working on T1 for 7 years and S8 for 11 years.

Will was promoted to lieutenant in 2013. 

Will has been a state inst. For 11 years and has served with the FEMA USAR PATF1 for the last 17 years.





Tai Rondeau

Tai Rondeau currently serves as a firefighter for the City of Greenfield Fire Department in Milwaukee County, WI. He brings over 13 years of experience and knowledge ranging from his time as a volunteer and career fireman. Tai instructs and helps administrate for Truckie-Talk Training. He also teaches with O’ Byrne Fireground Training, Brew City F.O.O.L.S., and has taught at several conferences and fire schools across the nation. He shares a great passion for the fire service and training.