Urban Forcible Entry


Instructors: Robert 'RJ" James, Dave Polikoff, Tony Tricarico, Cameron Peek and Mike Ader

This forcible entry presentation is designed to teach the firefighter the main principles and understanding of forcible entry.

Tools and tactics have been around for years, gaining entry and different ways to attack locks and doors is ever so changing. This presentation is designed to show new ways and techniques of going around and through the lock.

This presentation includes pictures and videos showing the most up to date techniques & tactics, history of the art of forcible entry and tools of the trade.

During the hands on portion of this class students will force inward and outward swinging doors, remove added security features from commercial doors, removing burglar bars from windows, steel roll gate entry and removing locks from gates.

Lock boards and lock manipulators will also be used during this class during the lecture & hands on portion.