Truck Ops without The Truck

Arthur Ashley

Truck companies are tasked with a wide variety and number of tasks, all of which are essential for a successful outcome.  However, during many fire ground operations, there are a limited number of truck companies or none at all! "Truck work is about the skill not the "Truck".  Even if you operate without a Ladder truck, the tasks of a Truck Company must still be performed.  Truck company operations take place at every working fire, from basic to advanced.

This class is designed to provide firefighters with the knowledge and skills to operate effectively while performing truck company operations. This includes accomplishing multiple tasks, in multiple locations, simultaneously and safely.  From forcible entry, ladders, search (match the search to the incident), ventilation and beyond.  Basic skills with some street-smart tips and tricks will be passed on to the student.  Firefighters of all experience-levels will benefit from this class.