Truck Company Operations

Jerry Smith

Lecture 1:

Truck Company Operations: VES, plain and simple

Vent, Enter Search (VES) is not new to the fire service and it’s a fundamental tactic that Truck

Companies should be deploying on today’s fireground. VES provides firefighters fast and direct

access to the bedrooms and can mitigate the battle of the engine and truck trying to get up the

interior stairwell. Finally, the VES discussion will include the topic of “isolation” and “floor above”


Lecture 2:

Truck Company Operations: Truck Yes, Engine No

There is a trend today among many Fire Departments in which truck companies are arriving first

to a dwelling fire and beginning initial operations without the protection of a hoseline. These

circumstances are becoming increasingly common, as Fire Departments face increases in call

volume (particularly EMS) and budget cuts resulting in permanent company closures, rotating

company closures and brownouts. This ultimately means longer response times and a greater

delay in putting water on the fire. Therefore, the purpose of this program is to discuss tactics for

truck companies operating at dwelling fires without the support of an engine company.