Truck Company Culture

One of the more popular terms in today’s Fire Service is “Truck Company Culture”. What is missed many times is that just because you have a ladder truck doesn’t mean your Department has a “Truck Culture”.

So what is a Truck Culture, as there are many definitions? This class will cover the functions of a Ladder Company on the fire ground with an emphasis on what truly constitutes our mission: Life. 

From the Officer as a member of the inside team to the chauffeur and the outside duties, an operational plan will be presented to assure that searches for trapped victims takes priority on the fire ground.   


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Bob Pressler

Bob Pressler has been involved in the Fire Service for over 46 years and is retired from the Fire Department of New York, where he had attained the rank of Lieutenant.

Bob currently serves as an Assistant Chief with the Christiana Fire Company in Delaware as well as an ex-chief of the Montgomery Fire Department in Montgomery NY.

He has spoken at the FDIC, Firehouse Expo, Firehouse World, and Firehouse Las Vegas, has been on the Advisory Boards of both Fire Engineering and Fire Chief magazines and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Fire Department Training Network.

Bob has written numerous articles for several trade magazines and lectures around the country on a wide variety of Fire Service issues.