Sidewalk Supervision, Developing and Managing Safety during Incidents with Small Command Staff

Instructor: Floyd Wise

It is not necessarily a logistical problem for medium and large departments to deal with assigned personnel to fill fire ground command needs day to day. However, for the small career or volunteer system this can be a daunting and frustrating need to fill. The unfortunate fact is that the fire ground responsibilities are still present to provide command and control.

That is the drive for this program to provide a candid view of the challenges and understanding of the command officer function as well as the safety officer, uses, development and requirements in department who cannot muster large numbers of command staff officers.

Program discusses the needs and almost mandatory use of adequately trained persons to fill out this vital role as well as other command and control functions during structural fires, special operations calls, and for the day to day unusual incidents.  More specifically the program looks at the deadly cocktails of trends that lead to fire ground injuries and deaths focusing on how the adaptation of the safety officer could make the difference.

With today’s aggressive, fast paced fire ground the more sets of eyes looking at the strategy and safety the better. Program targeted to command staff officers and having a predetermined method to make the fire ground somewhat less chaotic. In addition program discusses some solutions to find mutual aid agreements to solve training and management safety issues.