Searching For Them: Why We Go Inside

Firefighters have been attacking fires from the interior for at least 200 years. The reason? It puts you in the best position to apply water directly to the seat of the fire and it puts you in position to occupy the areas of the structure where victims are found.

This class will focus on the second half of that reasoning. We will use experience, data (from actual documented rescues), fire behavior and building construction knowledge to prepare ourselves to put THEM first.

 Performing searches should not be an afterthought, it should be regarded as our highest mission on the fire-ground. In this class we will use lecture and hands on training to get us prepared for that mission. Come participate in the tradition of sharing knowledge with the Brotherhood and solidify the reason why we go inside. 

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cody trestrail

Cody started his Fire Service career in 1995 at a small combination department, then was hired by the FDNY, working on Ladder 119 in Brooklyn. He became a member of the special operations command (SOC), assigned to Squad 1 in Brooklyn.

He is the founder of the training group Brothers In Battle, LLC and the Firemanship Conference Portland. He now works for Portland Fire & Rescue, assigned to Engine 31. 

He has instructed numerous subjects at his departments training academy, as well as at the company, battalion and department-wide levels and has taught with Brothers In Battle both nationally and internationally! He is also a founding member of the First Whip Fools and a member of the non profit organization Sons Of The Flag! He is happily married to his wife of 18 years and has two beautiful daughters!