LODD Details: we don't know what we don't know

Bill Carey

During this classroom session we will learn the definitions of ‘firefighter’ and ‘on-duty death’ criteria as used by the various national fire service organizations as well as how our fatality information is recorded and presented through yearly reports, trade articles and social media.

The presentation will look at fatality details from 2016 and previous years, highlighting areas where data does not match the cultural hype as well as underlying problems in the fire service that on the surface appear to be ignored.

Information reviewed will cover firefighter fatalities over the years in the following activity areas:

Advancing Hoselines


Search and Rescue

Vehicle Operations

Fitness and Training

Fatalities Outside of ‘Traditional’ Line of Duty Deaths

Deaths that are ‘Statistically Relevant’ to your department

Data will be paired with investigation reports to highlight areas of conflict and areas of cultural avoidance. Student participation will include questions and answers on the subject as well as their input on what they would like to see in fatality reporting and investigation. Class discussion will also revolve around how fire service organizations, trade magazines, websites, authors, instructors and social media influence views and discussions about reducing line of duty deaths.