Leadership Under Fire

Leadership Under Fire

Jerry Smith, Andrew Whitehead, Tim Anderson, Brandon Hiller

This unique lecture program brings together four of our nation’s best for a full day look at how to improve your mindset and capabilities on our fire service battle ground. This is a full day program where students will get to experience each of these interesting lectures.

Lecture 1:

Improving Firefighter Safety and Survival (Whitehead)

The fire service has made strides in reducing injury and death rates among firefighters. What

measures can be implemented next to further decrease the rates? Andrew Whitehead will

discuss key practices being advanced by Leadership Under Fire that can make further progress


Lecture 2:

The Fire-ground Search Mind-Set (Anderson & Smith)

This class will focus on the development of a disciplined and aggressive mindset regarding

primary search operations on the fire-ground at both the company and firefighter level.

Mental and tactical aspects will be examined including uncertainty, sweating the small stuff,

complacency, tempo and brilliance in the basics. Finally, the presenters will share hard lessons

learned from personal successes and failures in search operations.

Lecture 3:

Maneuver Warfare and the Fire-ground (Hiller)

In battle and the fire-ground, history has often relied on an attrition warfare strategy, pitting

strength against strength. In order to succeed when undermanned, and "outgunned," the

maneuver warfare philosophy pits strengths against weakness. Focusing on six main elements

of maneuver warfare and how they can be applied to daily operations and fire-ground strategy

and tactics, this session will help you gain relative advantage when faced with unfavorable


Lecture 4:

Making Time to Save Time: Tactics to Effect Positive Tempo (Smith & Whitehead)

This class will provide an overview of time and tempo and how they specifically relate to the fire

service and its operations. The importance of time management and timing, in general, on the

fire ground and how an understanding of positive tempo will lead to success in tactical decision

making will be discussed. Concepts such as Brilliance in the Basics, Traveling Light and

Traveling Right, and Sweating the Small Stuff will be highlighted throughout the discussion.

Finally, specific examples of engine and truck operations which will help firefighters save time,

leading to positive outcomes on the fire ground, will be presented.