Laddering With A Purpose

Fire-ground laddering has been moved down the list of priorities in many fire departments.  This could be caused by cuts to departments and apparatus or a shift in a department's priorities both voluntary and forced.  Some departments have realized engine companies put out fires and have difficulty justifying the need for a truck company or even see the need for truck work to be a priority.

Truck company tasks are present at every fire.  Being able to perform those tasks efficiently can change the course of an incident.  This class will focus on the lost art of ladder work.

We’ll touch on basic ground and aerial laddering skills, ladder priorities for engine and truck companies, laddering tactics, working safely and effectively from ladders, ways to become more comfortable on ladders, flow then throw scenarios for engine operators, options instead of throwing ladders, tips for effective use of aerials and tower ladders as well as tower and ground ladder company drills.

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Shawn Donovan

Shawn has 15 years service with the Boston Fire Department.  He has been assigned to engine, truck and heavy rescue companies. He is currently a Lieutenant on Ladder 4 in Roxbury.  Shawn was an adjunct instructor for BFD's recruit program for 4 recruit classes, and presented at FDIC twice.  Shawn is also a contributor and H.O.T. instructor with Firefighter Basics