Laddering When Seconds Count

Laddering on the fireground is a high stress and fast paced activity. Crucial decisions need to be made within seconds on the proper selection and placement of ground ladders. Lives can hang in the balance during ground ladder operations, with bad ladder techniques resulting in injury or loss of life. Both civilians and interior firefighters requiring quick and proper deployment of ground ladders. Laddering When Seconds Count bridges the gap between basic laddering skills, and proven, street-smart laddering techniques. After attending Laddering When Seconds Count, participants will have the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully utilize ground ladders on the fireground in any environment.  

Using knowledge gained from 30+ years spent working on fast-paced urban firegrounds, Laddering when Seconds Count will help the firefighter understand correct ladder selection, efficient ways to carry, throw and raise ground ladders, and how to safely operate from ladders. The class will feature street-smart solutions for choosing the correct ladder within seconds, the most efficient ways to carry and raise ladders, developing pinpoint accuracy when spotting ladders, and operating off ground ladders. Other real-world topics will include overhead obstructions, ladder rolls, and one person raises, Special focus will be made on beam raises. 



Tim Hamilton

Tim has 34 years’ experience in the career fire service. He has over 29 years’ service with the Baltimore City Fire Department, where he is currently a Lieutenant assigned to Rescue Company 1. He has been an instructor with the BCFD Fire Training Academy, BCFD Special Operations Command, Central Maryland Task Force 2, Firehouse Expo, and taught throughout southeastern PA. In addition, Tim is an adjunct faculty member at the Harrisburg Area Community College’s John J. Shumaker Public Safety Center. He resides in Lancaster County, PA.