Interstate Extrication

Responding and handling vehicle extrication incidents on highways and interstates can be a challenge unless prepared.

This session will cover techniques that can be utilized when responding to rescue incidents involving passenger vehicles, trucks and busses on or off the interstate. Stabilizing lifting, cutting, moving and other advanced techniques will be covered. 


Curvin Wolfgang

Curvin is 26 year veteran of the fire service currently serving as a Captain with a York Area United Fire and Rescue assigned to station 895, providing heavy rescue to the metro York area. His Specialties include heavy vehicle rescue operations, confined space and other technical rescue operations 



Matt Szpindor

Matt is a 32-year veteran of the fire service, is a Lieutenant in the Fire Department, City of New York, currently assigned to the Special Operations Command. He is also an instructor at the FDNY Technical Rescue School. He was previously assigned to Engine 290, Ladder 37 and Squad 1 before being promoted in 2009. He is also the Chief of the Patterson (NY) Fire Department. He has been a Pennsylvania State-certified Instructor since 1998, and has taught firefighting and rescue classes throughout the United States, including the Fire Department Instructors Conference.