House On The Hill

The purpose of  the “House On the Hill” program is to educate all levels of fire service personnel on the tactical challenges associated with structures built on hillsides. 

Arriving to find a 2 story single family on side A that transverses to 5 stories on side C can dramatically effect your operation and firefighter safety. 

As the challenges are outlined they will be followed by fire ground proven solutions and innovative recommendations. 

Tips ranging from the importance of size-up and detecting above or below grade divisions, rig positioning for access and tactical advantage to twists on basement fire tactics due to multiple floors below grade. 

There’s a lot more in depth information that fills in the cracks as we discuss street smart tips for company operations along with driving home the need for situational awareness, survival skills, and escape systems. 

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Dan Doyle

Dan is a 27 year student of the fire service and a Lieutenant with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire, currently leading Engine Co. 10 in the city’s Hill District. 

Raised by his grandfather in the volunteer fire service, Dan has worked in small and large combination departments, including eight years with the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department located in the Washington DC metro area. 

He is a Senior Instructor with Traditions Training LLC teaching a cadre of hands-on classes along with lecturing nationally. Dan has also been a hands-on and lecture Instructor at FDIC since 2012.