High Rise Operations For Departments With Limited Staffing

High rise buildings are not only 60 story buildings located in major cities.

Not all departments have the available resources that large cities have.

But many smaller cities and towns across the country have high rise structures.

This program looks at the importance of and gives examples of having solid SOP's for high rise operations, includes engine, ladder and command operations, and making the most of available staffing.

Included are 2 case studies with video.

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Steve Kalman 

30 year member of the Hackensack NJ FD.
A Deputy Chief for the last 10 Yrs. and an officer since 1995.
A Level 2 NJ fire instructor with the Bergen County Law & Public Safety Institute for over 15 yrs.
Lectured at FDIC and Firehouse Expos.
Former volunteer Firefighter for 22 years.
Married with 3 sons, the oldest a Firefighter in Harrisburg.