Engine Co. Ops

Tightly backed homes of ordinary and wood frame construction. Balloon frames and void spaces. Cocklofts and rows. Hard economic times and limited man power. 

These are just a few of the factors that firemen in Harrisburg, PA face every day. But those facts don’t limit the obligation for them to get the job done and done well. 

Those facts increase the need for them to understand their community, the buildings and the challenges they face and to then develop the plans and skills needed to overcome them and defeat the enemy. 

Harrisburg Engine Co. Ops will be a hard hitting hands on class that will cover all of the basics you need to make a successful aggressive interior attack.                                

This program will cover different hose loads, estimating the stretch, advancing lines under live fire conditions, and extinguishing the same. 

Students will perform all functions, from Lineman to the backup man, learning the importance and functions of these positions. 


Jeff ‘skull’ Miller

Jeff "Skull" Miller is a Lieutenant with the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire. Jeff started his fire service career in 1980 as a volunteer with several Harrisburg area departments including Harrisburg City during the busy early 80's.  Jeff served for 4 years with the US Navy serving as On Scene Leader (ships fire chief).  Jeff began is career with the HBF in 2000 and worked as a "pipeman" in the busy Allison Hill neighborhood serving on Wagon 4 and Squad 8. Recently Jeff was promoted to Lieutenant and currently serves at Tower 1 on the B Platoon.

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