floyd wise

Battalion Chief  Floyd Wise began his fire service career as a volunteer with York Township Fire Department York County Pennsylvania in 1993 attending all of the formal basic training that most attend. While working on completion of a degree at Penn State University he began to consider pursuit of career positions within the fire service leading him to the testing process with the City of Harrisburg in the spring of 2000. Chief Wise served in varying capacities in the truck companies of the fire department, honing foundation skills while mentoring in an aggressive small urban department. He also found a true calling in special operations where today he serves as the manager of Harrisburg Rescue 1 believing that even a small city can provide multiple high end services to the public.

In 2010 he initiated next chapter of his career and began the path of a fire officer through competitive promotion as a lieutenant, captain and today having served the last four years as the  battalion chief for the C shift of the department.

His belief is quality of leadership both in the firehouse and on the fire ground can be learned skills through education, open discussion and commitment daily to perform better than the day before. In addition, he is motivated to provide honest and realistic view points in fire officer development, truck company operations, rescue company operations, and fire ground incident management. Further, he believes his goal is to face students with street smart tactics to overcome common obstacles that we face daily in the service. His programs are meant to impact and become excited about “the job.”

More than that, the he wants to help solve fire officer problems both in and out of the firehouse by having tough discussions as opposed to ignoring ever present issues for individuals who are willing to do the work and discuss to solve issues.

Currently he serves as a certified fire instructor for two of the community college systems in the State of Pennsylvania as well as an Adjunct instructor with the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy educating throughout the state on various topics. He also been extended the opportunity to work as a new adjunct with Traditions Training in some of the above listed topics.

 On a more personal level he and his wife Carolyn are still celebrating the second year with their first children (set of twins for the family). This, obviously filled out the already full plate for Floyd and Carolyn.