Flaking and Flowing

“The fire goes as the first line goes”

            -Andrew Fredricks

            This phrase couldn’t be any more relevant today.  We are all aware that the initial line sets the tone for the entire fire ground operation, yet training focused on line deployment is often overlooked.  In “Flaking and Flowing”, we will pass onto you what our mentors have passed on to us while focusing solely on the 1.75” attack line.  

            Attendees will learn time saving deployment/movement techniques that will help you get to the seat of the fire faster in a more calculated manner.  In addition to hose deployments, we will demonstrate and practice various nozzle handling techniques that limit downtime of water application while reviewing some of today’s popular nozzles and uses. 

In the afternoon session attendees will practice various nozzle handling techniques previously demonstrated by applying the techniques through practical scenario based run-ins with a focus on residential fires.  We hope to see you there and suggest a change of clothing as we will all be wet by the days end. 


Ryan Spangler

Ryan Spangler has been in the fire service since 2004 and has spent that time working on both coasts. During his travels he found a passion for the basics and became proficient at making toilet water blue. Ryan is currently a fireman with the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire, assigned to Squad 8 on C Platoon.  In addition to working with the Bureau he is also a Pennsylvania State Fire Academy instructor working at the Shumaker Public Safety Centers career fire academy.

Brandon Trygar Pic-2.jpg

Brandon Trygar


Brandon has been in the fire service for thirteen years, four of which have been with the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire working out of Station 8.  At work, Brandon enjoys doing engine work, hearing about how awesome the truck company is, and hanging with Dan Aykroyd in downtown HBG.  Many of his co-workers often accuse him of viewing “nozzle porn” on company time.  Outside of work, he enjoys eating breakfast with his fellow C-Shifters, riding his mountain bike, and spending time with his awesome wife!