Firemanship isn’t simply the practice, skill or occupation of firefighting like the dictionary states. 

Firemanship goes far beyond that simple definition. It’s the intangible part of our job. The part which we as individuals have the most control over. 

The basic act of firefighting is a trade. And as trade firefighters are required to learn the skills necessary to carry out the tasks related to firefighting. Firemanship on the other hand is a craft. As a craftsman you take the tasks learned as a tradesman and develop them into an art form. 

This process is not for everyone. It requires dedication and determination as well as the drive to be the best at what we do.  We must also be willing to adhere to the value system and ethos set forth by those who have gone before us.  

The true art of firemanship is learned through a desire to be the best and the determination to never stop learning and honing our craft.  It’s about pushing further when we’re ready to stop. It’s about learning from those who’ve gone before us and honoring them by living up to and exceeding their hopes and expectations. 

This program will take you through the tenants of firemanship and look at ways to keep yourself, your crew and your department on point and moving forward, while adhering to our traditions, aggressive mindset and keeping the public we serve as our highest priority.

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Brian Bastinelli

Brian has been involved in emergency services for the last 30 years and has experience as both a volunteer and a career firefighter and fire officer.

He’s been with the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire for 23 where spent 8 years assigned to and engine company and 8 years on a truck company before his promotion to Lieutenant spending the next 4 years at Squad 8. He was promoted to Captain in 2016 and spent 2 years at Ladder 2.

He was recently promoted to Battalion Chief on the D Battalion.

Brian is a Pennsylvania State Fire Instructor and publishes a fire service lifestyle periodical,  Firemanship – A Journal For Fireman.