Fire-Ground Considerations

The fire ground is an ever-changing and often chaotic place, where firefighters are forced to make a multitude of split-second decisions to affect a positive outcome.

This class provides experience-based tactics that take a simplistic and aggressive approach to thinking outside the box.

From building construction and size-up, to specific fire situations, this class covers an array of information that is paramount for your success.

It will help instill confidence in your fire ground decision making, as well as give you knowledge to operate more effectively.

Whether you’re entry level or a seasoned veteran, take some of this information that some fail to consider and make yourself a game changer. 


Bobby Eckert

Bobby is a second generation Fireman from Collingswood, NJ, starting out as a junior at age 14. In 2006, after four years as a career Firefighter/ EMT, he left Collingswood to pursue a career in the Camden Fire Department. Bobby was assigned to Engine #9 for his first four years and did a year in Ladder #1 before being laid off in 2011. After returning from the layoff, he was assigned to Squad #7, the city’s busiest suppression unit. He remained there for five years until his promotion to Captain in February 2016. He’s currently assigned to Engine 1 at Fire HQ. Bobby is a Pro Board Level II Instructor, and has a B.S. in Public Safety Administration from Neumann University. He is currently assigned to Engine #1 at Fire Headquarters. Bobby is the Owner/Operator of Eckert Fire Tactics LLC. An experienced based street smart approach to Firefighting and Leadership.