The Basics Of   Generating      Fire-Ground Tempo

The Basics of Generating Tempo builds on the concepts such as Brilliance in the Basics, Traveling Light and

Traveling Right, and Sweating the Small Stuff. Also, an understanding of positive tempo

will be discussed, which leads to success in tactical decision making on the fire ground.  

In addition, this class will focus on the development of a disciplined and aggressive mindset for the fireground at both the company and firefighter level.  

Finally, specific examples of engine and truck operations which will help firefighters save

time, leading to positive outcomes on the fire ground, will be presented.


Jerry Smith.jpg

Jerry Smith Jr.

Jerry Is a fireman in the Baltimore City Fire Department assigned to Rescue Company 1. He was previously assigned to Truck Company 15 in East Baltimore.

He is a public safety scuba instructor with Dive Rescue International.

Jerry is a Philadelphia native where he started his fire service career in 1995 as a volunteer firefighter with the Fort Washington Fire Co. No. 1 (Station 88); following his father’s footsteps.

Jerry has lectured at FDIC and Firehouse Expo, and written several articles for Urban Firefighter magazine. He has a Bachelor’s degree in business and instructs for Leadership Under Fire, Inc.