Firefighting Done Right

Ricky Riley

This student interactive, high energy multi-media based presentation will discuss the presence and effects of complacency in the fire service along with how & why we must combat it. Tips on the readiness of your own attitude & equipment will be offered for the engine and truck company, rapid intervention team, & incident commander.

Many factors have served to increase complacency in today's firefighters. A complacent attitude is the first step in a tragic calamity of errors that results in a fire extending beyond where it should have been controlled or preventable civilian or firefighter injuries and deaths.

Firefighting is a "team sport" where we all count on each other to be ready when the moment comes. Firefighters often think that they are "ready". The scenarios discussed in this presentation will focus on the instructor's personal experiences at several near-miss fireground incidents and will show how the presence or absence of a "combat ready" mindset influenced the outcome.

It is time to stop making excuses and start doing Firefighting Right Again...