Fire Service Mortar: The Critical Role Of The Company Officer

This course is designed to provide the tools needed to lead from the front as a Company Officer and build a solid team of performers. It is designed to target newly promoted Company Officers as well as those who may assume the role in the future, but will ultimately benefit anyone who wants to make change at the company level. The Company Officer truly is the mortar in any fire department. They can keep their department running efficient with their example, attitude, and passion. In this program, I will bring military leadership experience as well as experience in my current role to explain the importance of values driven leadership. Key concepts will be preparation, credibility, training, team building, conflict resolution, and more. This course will prove that there is no room in our fire service for negligent officers at the company level. Fire Service Mortar is meant to inspire action and produce results in your company, your station, and your department. I will give you the tools today to make immediate change tomorrow!

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Jarrod Sergi

Jarrod Sergi is a Captain and 18-year student of the Fire Service. The last 13 have been with Norfolk Fire Rescue in Norfolk VA. During his time with Norfolk he has been assigned as a back-step firefighter on an Engine, a Ladder Company Officer, and a Recruit Academy coordinator. He is currently assigned to an Engine Company. Jarrod is a State Instructor for both the Virginia Department of Fire Programs and the National Fire Academy focusing on MAYDAY and Strategy/Tactics. He is also an instructor with Real Fire Training LLC where he focuses on Engine and Ladder Company Operations. He is a graduate of the National Fire Academy‚Äôs Executive Fire Officer Program. Jarrod is the founder of Trial by Fire, whose mission is to advance the Fire Service through strong leadership, accountability, and training.