Fire Behavior: Flashover

This course is designed to review fire dynamics as they

relate to the fire growth/development in structures and

permit students to witness flashover conditions in a

controlled environment so that they can better understand

the key indicators of rapid fire growth/flashover, risk

based decision making and the proper methods to limit the

occurrence of flashover during interior firefighting


The ultimate goal of this training is to increase

firefighter awareness and overall safety.  Students will

enter the flashover simulator under live fire conditions.

Compliant structural firefighting gear is required. 


Matt Kuntz

Matt has been a firefighter for 29 years. 

He’s been instructing for the last 22 years.

Matt is currently a Lieutenant with Harrisburg Bureau of Fire and has been with the Bureau for 13 years.  

Josh Hull.jpg

Josh Hull

Josh originally from Myerstown, Pa where he started volunteering at the age of 14. He was hired by the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire in 2012 and graduated from HACC's 47th fire academy. Currently rides Wagon 4 on the A platoon.