Drilling For Function

An examination of instructional models and training culture within the Fire Service.  This program lays out the blueprint to create curriculum that leads to algorithmic decision making and high performance.  During the program, the same model will be applied for all levels of training, ranging from the individual level up to department level drills.

A blue collar approach to instruction, and the model employed within the Nozzle Forward class.



Aaron Fields is a firefighter for the City of Seattle and the OG of the Nozzle Forward.  Between his dad, brother, and himself, there is nearly always a Fields member on watch somewhere in the 5th battalion.

His aspiration has always been to ride on the back of Engine 28, allowing him to work in the neighborhood he grew up in (98118 shout-out).  After time at 28’s, Aaron moved to his dad’s spot on Engine Company 13, Battalion 5 headquarters. He is known for his dislike of “the MAN”, tendency to question authority, and zealous belief that good basics win. 

Aaron developed the skills shared in the Nozzle Forward in an unrelenting pursuit of all things engine.  The skills are adapted from many sources, but reconstructed to be based around simple principles that maximize mechanical advantage.  At the request of folks who wanted to see how he was going about hand-line use the Nozzle Forward was born as a program and has been slap’in lines around since 2008.  When all else fails, give ‘em a West Coast Salute……