Downrange Chiefs: Deploying Chief Officers At The Tactical Level

Nick Martin

We all know that proper incident management and execution of tactical plans require supervision at the company/task level and at the command/strategic level. What is often missed is the importance of supervision and coordination at the "tactical level" - where multiple companies are operating in the same geographic area or performing the same function. However, for many departments, the site of a chief in PPE/SCBA in the "action area" is an awkward sight.

Using actual case studies and incident audio, this class will discuss the value of deploying subsequently arriving chief/command officers to fill the void at the tactical level and how coordination at the tactical level leads to safer and more effective control of incidents. Work rest cycles, coordination of companies, how this integrates into the rest of the command structure, span of control improvements, and accountability will be among the topics discussed.

We will also cover the new skills and mindset that chief and company officers have to adopt in order to take advantage of the benefits of tactical-level supervision.