Developing The Mindset Of An Offensive Aerial Operator

Success or failure on the fire-ground for a ladder company is often measured by how well an aerial operator initially positions the apparatus.  Ladder truck placement at an emergency scene is often the "make or break" moment for any operator.  With a heavy emphasis on aerial apparatus placement, this class will discuss a systematic approach to developing the skills and mindset necessary to become a competent and effective aerial operator.  


The individual skills and abilities of the aerial apparatus operator can dictate how successful a truck company will be in achieving their goals at a fire scene.  Aerial apparatus are typically placed to allow members to work offensively in order to affect a rescue, gain entry to the upper floors of a structure, or to access the roof for vertical ventilation operations.  These concepts seem pretty simple and straight forward, but often we find that the actual execution at a fire scene can quickly become much more difficult.  This class aims to prepare aerial operators to systematically approach an emergency scene, in order to achieve an effective apparatus placement that will allow the ladder crew to make a positive impact on the outcome of any emergency.


Nick Esposito

Nick is a second generation firefighter, with over 25 years of experience in both volunteer and career departments.  He has been with the City of Bridgeport, CT Fire Department since 1999, and is a Captain, currently assigned to the Training Division.