Brass Tacks and Hard(er) Facts

This lecture program will be a deep dive in to the gamut that is the engine company discipline, specifically, heightening awareness to the various types of equipment that create fire streams and developing a basic understanding of the different types of nozzles in use today.

It exposes the following critical factors contributing to success of the firefighter interaction with this equipment: Flow, function, relationship of pressure to GPM and limitations due to nozzle reaction.  

Specific manufacturer data will be presented to make a case for selections citing industry trends.  Instigating change, committee development, and trial benchmarks will be discussed.  

Topics of the trade, including but not limited to the following are also on the docket: 
• Hose/nozzle whip and pairing your hose and nozzle system accordingly
• A thorough review of standpipe control valves and their implications on winning vs losing standpipe attack packages
• Kinks, clogs, and other engine company flow emergencies.

Jerry Herbst.jpg

Jerry Herbst

Jerry is a 37 year veteran of the Fire Service and is a New York State certified Training Officer. With over 25 years on the line Jerry has served in all rank positions including 6 years as Chief of Department in his local volunteer FD and ten years as a paid Deputy Chief Coordinator at the County Level. He is still an active Firefighter and Apparatus Operator.

Currently the Head of Training and Municipal Product Specialist for Elkhart Brass, he travels throughout the U.S. in support of Elkhart’s field force and National account partners providing subject matter expertise on the evaluation, development and implementation of equipment solutions for effective fire attack packages.

Jerry has been published and referenced in Industry leading media and is active in instruction and support at many of the nation’s leading Hands on Training events.



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Chris has been in the fire service for 20 years and is a certified Indiana State Fire Instructor II/III. He worked as a student firefighter at the University of Notre Dame, where he earned his Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, majoring in Marketing.

He holds the rank as Engineer and serves as a Field Training Officer with the Clay Fire Territory in South Bend, Indiana where he has worked positions from firefighter up to Captain.

Chris has worked for Elkhart Brass since 2000, functioning in Regional Sales Manager positions both domestically and internationally.

Currently he is the Municipal Product Manager. In this role he focuses exclusively on new product development, technical training, and extensive interaction with end users and distribution to ensure that the voice of the customer is heard and understood.