Big Drops Of Water: The Proactive Engine

The late Andrew Fredericks was quoted at the 2000 FDIC Opening Ceremony keynote speech with saying "Don't Worry 'bout that Nozzle, Kid, cause We Don't Do Fires Anymore,". "Firefighting today still remains largely a gritty, up-close, personal affair using tactics and techniques that date back decades” Are we truly “walking the walk?” or just “talking the talk?”

Are we really setting the example that needs to be set forth in today’s fire service? Has the push on the safety culture of “Everyone goes home” forced us to put the blinders on? Have we gotten away from our core mission of protecting life and property, causing us to do what’s best for us and only us?

This class will discuss, the whys and how’s of incorporating a proactive engine. Tried and true fireground strategies and tactics. Having the understanding of potential calculated risks, discussing being into the service, doing the right thing vs. doing it to wear the t-shirt and get free hand outs at the local sandwhich shop. And most importantly setting ourselves, our company and our apparatus up for success, everything that Andy would have wanted. We will pay tribute to the “godfather of engine company operations” and continue to live out his dreams and wishes of being smart, educated, aggressive engine company fireman.


Kiel Samsing

Kiel is a Lieutenant with the Newport News Fire Department and the training coordinator for the West Point Volunteer Fire Department. He is a State of Virginia Instructor 2 and instructor for the Tidewater Regional Fire Academy. Kiel has been an instructor at Andy Fredericks Training Days, as well as FDIC 2017 and lead HOT Instructor at FDIC 2018. Kiel teaches nationally with the training group Firefighter Basics and is managing editor of 


Jordan Hood

Jordan Hood, a 14 year student of the fire service. Currently assigned to Engine Company 805 in Capitol Heights (Prince George's County), Maryland. He holds an Associate's Degree in fire science from Columbia Southern University, in addition to multiple local and state level certifications throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. He's a Pennsylvania State Fire Academy adjunct instructor, focusing on the basics, engine company operations and instilling aggressiveness and pride through, traditional ways of the fire service.