Sponsor The Art Of Firemanship Days

Our conference is designed to bring like minded individuals together to not only share their love for the fire service, but to provide exceptional instruction with the best instructors available. 

The money raised through through the registration fees is used to offset the training budget of the Harrisburg Bureau Of Fire. 

By doing so, we can bring high quality instructors into the department as well as send our personnel to educational opportunities around the country. All things we would otherwise be unable to do. 

The money raised through the registration fees must also cover all of the expenses of putting the conference on. This includes registration system, facility usage, instructor and logistics costs. Obviously those add up quickly. 

In order to offset those costs and bring as much into the training budget as we can, we seek sponsors, who through their donations, lessen the burden of the above mentioned costs. 

On the right you can see some of the ways that you or your company can assist us in putting on this event. 

If you see an area where you think you could help out, click the red box below it and fill out the form. We'll get right back to you. 

We would like to thank all of those who have assisted us in the past and thank you for taking the time to consider helping this year. 



General Sponsorship


There are many areas where a general sponsorship could help. Costs associated with signage, printed materials, building materials, instructors, and facility usage, are just a few of the ways a general sponsorship could help put on this years event.    

Breakfast and Lunch Sponsorship


Each morning we provide light refreshments and midday a full lunch. Breakfast is at no cost to the students, however, lunch is split between students and our sponsors. We'd like to be able to fully offset this cost in the future. 


In Kind Sponsorship


There are a lot of little things that must come together to put on this conference. Many of those needs are addressed by someone who 'knows a guy'. In kind sponsors could be anything from fire apparatus to tools and equipment such as hose or nozzles, to saws and hooks. Lumber, vehicles for props and extrication class, forcible entry simulators, HVAC shells and ventilators for rooftops, doors, windows etc. are all items we could use. If you can think of it, we can probably incorporate it.  

Specific Program Sponsorship


Sponsorship of specific parts of the conference and associated events is available. If you or your company find an area of the event that you are interested in, or is a good fit to your business, you can exclusively sponsor that part of the conference. It could be the morning physical fitness programs or a specific class or maybe even a social event. There are over 30 unique programs and events throughout the 3 day Art of Firemanship conference to choose from.