Applying The Art Of Firemanship

Firemanship isn’t simply the practice, skill or occupation of firefighting like the dictionary states. 

Firemanship goes far beyond that simple definition. It’s the intangible part of our job. The part which we as individuals have the most control over. 

This interactive program will take you through the tenants of firemanship from probie to chief.  Building on the Art Of Firemanship program, this class will discuss strategies and tactics for you, your company, your department to apply the basics of Firemanship to your daily life, your station life and the fire-ground.

Brian Bastinelli.jpg

Brian Bastinelli

Brian has been involved in emergency services for the last 29 years and has experience as both a volunteer and a career firefighter and fire officer.

He’s been with the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire for 22 where spent 8 years assigned to and engine company and 8 years on a truck company before his promotion to Lieutenant spending the next 4 year at Squad 8.

Currently Brian is a Captain at Ladder 2 in the Uptown district of the city on the A Battalion.

Brian is a Pennsylvania State Fire Instructor and publishes a new fire service lifestyle periodical,  Firemanship – A Journal For Fireman.