2019 Class Information And Pricing Guide


Here's a quick look at this year's schedule.



2019 Event Costs

There are only 3 choices for pricing this year. Here are the base prices for 2019.

Lecture only - Full day: $110.00


Two day mixed Classroom/HOT: $320.00

If you register for a full day Lecture, you get an 8-hour full day session.

If you register for a full day HOt session, you get an 8-hour full day

HOT session.

The elevator program is the only two day mixed session. You will get one 8-hour

lecture session and one 8-hour HOT session.

Several of the HOT programs will begin with a 2-4 hour lecture followed by the

remaining scheduled time as a HOT session. Those programs will be noted in thier

class descriptions.

Quick Pricing Guide

2 days of Lecture ONly: $220

SAT/Sun HOTS only: $320

SAT/SUN Elevator Rescue Program: $320

2 Days of Lecture and 2 days of Hots: $540