1st Due Search 4 Them

We will use Tempo, experience, data (from actual documented rescues), fire behavior and building construction knowledge to prepare ourselves and position ourselves to put THEM first.

We will perform a flanked approach covering 1st due Engine search and responsibilities and 1st due Truck search and responsibilities with an inside team and outside team focus on split / oriented search & VES that will have us occupying the interior places where the highest percentage of victims are foundwithin the first 4 minutes of arrival to put THEM first.

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Cody Trestrail

Cody started his Fire Service career in 1995 at a small combination department, then was hired by the FDNY, working on Ladder 119 in Brooklyn. He became a member of the special operations command (SOC), assigned to Squad 1 in Brooklyn. He is the founder of the training group Brothers In Battle, LLC and the Firemanship Conference Portland. He now works for Portland Fire & Rescue, assigned to Engine 31. He has instructed numerous subjects at his departments training academy, as well as at the company, battalion and department-wide levels and has taught with Brothers In Battle both nationally and internationally! He is also a founding member of the First Whip Fools and a member of the non profit organization Sons Of The Flag! He is happily married to his wife of 18 years and has two beautiful daughters!